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Merit Competition Rules

Autumn Waterfall
Autumn Waterfall by Phil Holroyd 2014/15 Winner

Only images taken in the two years prior to the competition date are eligible for entry to the competitions. 

Titles of all competition images must be given to the competition secretary no later than 1 week before the competition takes place.

A given image may only be entered once in each type of competition.

Maximum mounted size for prints is 40cm x 50cm (20" x 16")

Projected images must be 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high. Note this means that a landscape format image has a maximum width of 1920 pixels and a portrait image has a maximum height of 1080 pixels. 


The images will be self judged by the members and each will be marked out of 10.

Members cannot mark their own images. At the end of the fourth round we will have a winner in the print section and another in the projected image section.

Penalty for Non-Attendance Members who submit entries, but are unable to attend on the night will receive a penalty calculated using this formula. (1/Number of People Judging) x Score of the image

Beginners Award

Eligibility is that the member must not have won an overall section of a previous club competition. New members are asked to state their eligibility as this is aimed at encouraging members and is not aimed at more experienced photographers who have won awards previously. The award can only be won once.


Prints: Members may enter 2 images in this section. The images must be the authors own work and must be mounted. The maximum permissible size is 50x40 cm or 20x16 inches including mount.

Projected Images: Members may enter 2 images in this section. The images must be the authors own work, presented in JPEG sRGB format and sized at 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high at 72 dpi. It is suggested that images falling outside of this aspect ratio are placed on a black background so they are presented in a neat way. The image should be titled as follows:

IMAGE NAME UPPERCASE-author initials lowercase.jpg for example: BLEA TARN-sw.jpg

Fun Set Subject: An additional fun competition of one digital projection of photograph of a set subject will be run in parallel with the merit competition. The subject for this section will be set a few weeks prior to the competition night. The subject for the third round of the merit competition is "FROST".
Urban Art Admirer by Bill Griffiths winner of the Fun Set Subject category

Any image that is unreadable or contains a virus will be considered a non-entry.

If anyone has problems resizing images then please let us know together with what software you are using. There's a video guide to resizing images in Photoshop on the website. Please remember that you can manipulate projected images in the same way as prints.