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Novice Members DPI Competition

Birmingham Library
Birmingham Library part of Joost Lohman's winning portfolio

This competition is open to members who have never won a competition or section of a competition before the start of the current season. It will be judged in the same way as the merit competition with everyone except the author awarding each image a score out of 10.

Each eligible member may enter 4 images and the winner will be the member with the highest aggregate score.

Images must be the author's own work, presented in JPEG format images must be 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high. Note this means that a landscape format image has a maximum width of 1920 pixels and a portrait image has a maximum height of 1080 pixels.  It is suggested that images falling outside of this aspect ratio are placed on a black background so they are presented in a neat way. The image should be titled as follows:

IMAGE NAME UPPERCASE-author initials lowercase.jpg for example: BLEA TARN-sw.jpg

Any image that is unreadable or contains a virus will be considered a non-entry.

If anyone has problems resizing images then please let us know together with what software you are using. There's a video guide to resizing images in Photoshop on the website. Please remember that you can manipulate projected images in the same way as prints.