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One of the things people often worry about when joining a photography club is how they'll be welcomed. Here is some feedback by our newer members

Joost Lohman

"I started off in B&W film photography as a teenager, complete with dark room, developing my own film and making my own enlargements. After a spell with colour slides I gradually became just a family album snapper and my camera started gathering dust, except during the holidays. Then, about ten years ago, I turned digital and rediscovered the joys of photography but work commitments meant I didn't have as much time as I wanted. When I retired last year this changed and I can now play with my camera to my heart's content. Time to join a photo club!

After some research on line I decided to check out the JPS. At my first trial visit I was given a warm welcome and I immediately felt at home. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the hands-on approach with practical sessions like the on-camera-flash evening. On the web page I had already seen the exciting and varied programme but I soon found out that alongside there were several other activities and photo trips. Even before I officially became a member of the club I had the opportunity to go along with Phil Holroyd, Scott and Mike on a trip to Wales to shoot waterfalls. My first experience of joining fellow photographers going out to take pictures. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and since then have been on several other JPS practical outings.

I soon discovered the importance of the JPS Facebook page for sharing photos or snippets of interesting or entertaining photography news and for last minute communication about club events. A great resource and an important factor in the success of the club. I enjoy other member's posts and try and put in my penny's worth from time to time.

Competitions are an integral part of the programme of a photo club and the JPS is no exception. My first taste of this was the Annual Print Competition and it was great to see the club's output and hear the judge's comments. I was much impressed with the high standard of photography. My first active participation was the Panel Competition for which I submitted two sets of pictures. I was very pleased with the judge's positive reaction especially on my photos of Birmingham library. Of course, being new to the club, I felt obliged to take part in the Novices Competition in which the contributions are scored by the club members. I was proud to receive the top number of votes for the four pictures I submitted. I'll now have to work hard to do well in next season's competitions.

My start with the JPS has been great and I am looking forward to September and the beginning of the new season. Although, the informal summer programme of club outings means there isn't really a season break. Hats off and thank you to the committee and all other members who make the JPS a five star camera club."

Steve Harrison

 ""As an avid photographer using both film and digital, I was looking for a forum that would give me the next level of enjoyment of my hobby. I had been a member of a local photographic group many years ago, this had tainted my thoughts about joining another one. However, the initial contact through a Chassis colleague, showed promise. I duly went along tentatively to my first meeting. What a difference a couple of decades make to both the attitude and the visions of such groups. Gone is the stuffiness and elitism of SLR camera photography vs. compact cameras, all camera formats are recognised as being capable, but also that the photographer is just as big a part of it, as the equipment. The welcome from other members and enjoyment of finding out what each person specialised in or preferred to photograph adds a further dimension. 

During the last year, the club competitions and tutorials have given me a real education in how to compose photographs and subjects, set the camera up for different conditions and effects and also post process the photos for presentation. Exposure to external competitions and clubs has added further experience and talking points. It has also meant that new subject matter is being tackled by myself to provide set subject entries and also some additional depth to my portfolio. Most of which I would not have got involved in, had it not been for the club. 

The Jaguar Photo Society has been a great benefit to me this last year and I cannot recommend it more wholeheartedly. If you are into photography and enjoy meeting people, then the Jaguar Photography Group is for you. 

Steve Harrison