Post Processing Challenge, Wednesday 28 February 2018

On this club evening we plan to look at images that have been processed in different ways by different people. We need between 10-15 members to take part, who are brave enough to have one of their pictures processed by someone else.

This is how it will work:

- If you want to take part, you send in two JPEG versions of one of your photos: one with minimal processing, only correcting exposure, white balance, and contrast, and one processed the way you feel it should look.

- Your unprocessed file is sent to two other participants, chosen at random, who will process it according to their ideas. In turn, you will receive two unprocessed files of other participants to process to your taste.

- Everyone returns their “secondary” processed JPG files.

- On the night all photos will be shown: The authors interpretation first, followed by the two alternative interpretations. All participants are invited to comment on their efforts.

- No prizes, no marks, just some fun.

Here is a sample of last year's PPC:


Submit original files before Friday 9 February, midnight.

Receipt of files for processing: Monday 12 February.

Return processed files before Tuesday 20 February, midnight.

Delivery of contributions:

- Send originals via email to Follow the convenient link below.

- Filenames should be similar to those used in our competitions, i.e.

TITLE-author-original.jpg for the unprocessed original image, and

TITLE-author-edited.jpg for the processed image.

- Format: Please send JPEG files in full resolution.

- The files for processing will be sent to you by email.

Last year we had some interesting and surprising alternative interpretations and for this year we'll again look forward to an entertaining evening. We may even pick up some new ideas for our own processing approach.