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Bird of Prey Day - Report by Sylvia Barthorpe
On Saturday 10th August, I took part in my second Photographic outing since joining the 
Jaguar Photographic Society in July. 
A group of 8 of us, met at 1pm on a lovely sunny day at J.R.C.S Falconry , with cameras ready and looking forward to taking some good photos. Jan, the Falconer gave us an introductory talk about the private collection and different breeds of birds he has, which was very informative and extremely interesting.  Our first subject was the European Kestrel:
European Kestrel - Sylvia Barthorpe
We then moved on to tackle Lanner and Peregrine  Falcons to White Faced Scops, Eagle, Long Eared, Little and Tawny owls and not forgetting the Buzzard and Golden Eagle.  Which I might add, all held a perfect pose while we took many photos of each one.
Long Eared Owl - Sylvia Barthorpe
The weather was lovely for taking photos, sunny but not too bright.  There was a bit of a firm breeze at times which ruffled the birds feathers now and then, offering a good photo opportunity should you catch it at the right time.
Lanner Falcon- Sylvia Barthorpe
Jan was able to fly some of the birds, at the end which I have not experienced before.  I was very surprised just how close a barn owl can fly to the top of your head.  I was pleased to get this image of the Barn Owl mid flight.
Barn Owl- Sylvia Barthorpe
I was very pleased with my new camera, Canon 550D which only arrived the day before.  I would like to thank all the members of the Jaguar Photographic Society for sharing their knowledge and experience, and providing advice on which settings to use and the best angle to shoot at.
After a few hours spent at J.R.C.S Falconry my arms certainly knew I had been taking photos, but the whole experience was well worth it.  A must for any Photographer.
Snowshill Lavender Summer Trip - Report by Nick Archer

The weather was sunny with some cloud and a brisk breeze as six of us met up in the Car Park of Cotswold Lavender. Despite being first in the queue (and no tourist coaches) it became difficult to take ‘tourist free’ shots virtually from the off so getting decent photos called for either creative composition or a lot of patience.

Venturing up to the back and along the top of the field proved a good move as it was much easier to get some distance shots, although even here, it was sometimes necessary to limit the scope of shots in order to exclude wandering tourists.

The wind was quite brisk on the top of hill so it was either a fast shutter speed or a slow creative one to show motion. By way of contrast to the colour of the Lavender there were some brightly coloured weeds and grasses.

Towards the end of our couple of hours in the field some threatening clouds cleared and allowed us to finish the shoot on a high note with sun and some fluffy clouds, before adjourning to the cafe for a well earned drink and the consumption of miscellaneous food.

After lunch we went down the hill to the picturesque Snowshill village. The village has an abundance of buildings built of Cotswold stone, many with interesting architectural details, with the church right in the heart of the village.

The lovely warm tones of the Cotswold stone lends itself to some nice pictures on a sunny day, just ripe for a few chocolate box covers!

The contrast of flowers with architectural details and the stone couldn’t be missed either.

Not long til the new season begins and we're looking forward to some more great trips along the way.

Spring Outing - Report by Scott Wiggins

Saturday 20th April saw 10 members make an early start to Wales for a day of photography around Lake Vyrnwy and Pystll Rhaeadr.

On arrival we were treated to an hour of calm which gave us some wonderful reflections on the Lake.  Whilst Vyrnwy isn't the biggest lake, it does offer the chance to get to grips with a number of compositional elements and practice fundamental techniques.  As ever all the members were keen to help each other with tips and assistance as needed and soon some of our newer members were being shown how to use graduated filters and photograph panoramas.

Making our way across the dam we dropped into the RSPB hide and were treated to a wonderful display of small finches and tits as well as a few grey squirrels making the most of the free food from the feeders.  Our contingent of keen nature photographers decided to sit tight for a while and made the most of the light to capture some images of the birds with some pleasing results despite having to shoot through the glass.

Making the short journey across to Pystll Rhaeadr we enjoyed the best of the light making it's way into the falls and along valley.  I think it was fair to say that everyone enjoyed the opportunity to make images here and there are lots of compositions to be found.  If you liked moving water then you were in for a real treat.

The day was a great opportunity to make the best of the early spring weather and to kick off our summer outdoor events. Our club's first ever video record of the day can be seen below:

If you're interested in taking your photography further then please come and join us.  We have an interesting programme of events, tutorials and practical events.